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Post  Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:02 pm

Current Members of the Final Crusade are:

(1) Creed (Founder) [Black Crusader XV] TC
(2) YOURMOMTHABOMB ( Post Head Staff) [Black Crusader] TC
(3) willberforce (Head Crusader) [Black Crusader] TC
(4) Lich Emperor [Member]
(5) whip now1 [Crusader]
(6) Comrade Alexei [Red Crusader]
(7) tylerd95 [Crusader]
(8) gerard1st [Black Crusader I] TC
(9) gllaedr [Red Crusader] TC
(10) deathsarrow [Black Crusader] TC
(11) Obliterater (Crusade Tutor) [Black Crusader] TC
(12) terminator666 (Forum Moderator) [Red Crusader] TC
(13) kikashi234 (Forum Moderator) [Black Crusader VI] TC
(14) Glaedr 84 [Black Crusader]
(15) SamuraiSkeleton (Head Moderator) [Black Crusader] TC
(16) Alpha Warrior J [Crusader]
(17) platedcassava (Forum Moderator) [Black Crusader] TC
(18) lord morlock [Black Crusader]
(19) aqwelite [Black Crusader] TC
(20) sir_nick [Red Crusader
(21) priesteye [Black Crusader]
(22) Pk3rs k0bch [Black Crusader]
(23) DragonKnight [Black Crusader]
(24) Dugald [Black Crusader]
(25) Conal97 [Black Crusader V]
(26) Galanor [Black Crusader III] (Alliance/Pending Representative)
(27) skylar2k5
(28) iLuvRice [Black Crusader II]
(29) taramoth
(30) Arfas
(31) doomknight
(32) abcd1234
(33) willberforce666
(34) Axel Steel
(35) Zemer
(36) mizara
(37) SweetDemon
(38) shadow1232321
(39) Dvilandgod123
(40) sam123456789
(41) darkshadow9856
(42) hitesh2000
(43) felix2424
(44) chewie987
(45) garrett795 [Black Crusader II]
(46) ence
(47) Recksa
(48) mim mim (Alliance/Pending Representative)
(49) hankkid210
(50) josh2940
(51) Ariorus [Black Crusader X]

Please pm me with your player name and level to be put on the list.
also pm me if you get a level

I am the Founder

Go to the Webpage and the Blog, Look at the allies, recruit or play in AQW, just STAY ACTIVE!!!

Have a nice day =D

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