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Applying for a position Empty Applying for a position

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:49 pm

ok, if you want to be a staffer all you have to do apply. goto the thread that corresponds with the rank you want, and give me a reason or why i should let you join the staff. here's the lowdown on the ranks:

Admin: Me, sorry you're not gonna get this one
Head Crusader: Runs the forum and helps with the webpage, only if he leaves the forum will this position open
Head Moderator: Works below the Head Crusader, handles the moderators, same as above with this guy too
Forum Moderator: is below the Head, mods the forums, deletes dead topics, etc. no more than 4 mods at a time
Crusade Tutor: Teaches the new crusaders about how this all works, i'm very strict with this position Suspect
Activities Co-ordinator: Organizes, compiles, and plans events(runs, raids, so on) for clan members

now go, my soon-to-be-staffers, and apply!

I am the Founder

Go to the Webpage and the Blog, Look at the allies, recruit or play in AQW, just STAY ACTIVE!!!

Have a nice day =D

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