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Post  Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:11 pm

We use a basic ranking system(as of Beta), like this...

lvl1: Servant
lvl2: Member
lvl3: Crusader
lvl4: Red Crusader
lvl5: Black Crusader

as well as several staff positions...

Forum Moderators(4)
These guys help keep the forums up to date and clean.
Crusade Tutor(1)
This guys has to help all you new members with all your questions in his sub-forum.

Head Moderator(1)
He keeps charge of the Forum Mods, if the Head Crusader leaves office, he takes the job. you have to have been a previous Mod to get this position
Head Crusader(1)
He runs EVERYTHING!!! He helps the Founder with the site as well as controlling the Head Mod. You have to have been a Head Mod to get this Spot
That's me, and this spot is available to the Head Crusader once i leave the clan(if i ever do)

For Example, as of today[8/25/08] i am a Red Crusader and the Founder

Ranks will be kept on the Member's List, and i would appreciate it if you put your rank in your signature. Please private message me on the Forums when you have an advancement, Thank You

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